A Love of Range

I didn’t try every class during the various Guild Wars 2 beta events (there’s another stress test tomorrow, by the way,) but it occurs to me that the classes I liked the best — Elementalist, Ranger and Engineer — are all predominantly ranged classes. I liked the Warrior, as in Guild Wars 1, more in theory than in practice, and while I liked some of the Guardian’s abilities, the class didn’t really sing to me.

I have tended, in other MMOs, to enjoy ranged classes more — Hunters in WoW, Rangers in Vanguard, the Bright Wizard in WAR and the Warlock in EQ2. The long windup of most abilities soured the WoW Mage for me, and once an ability with a cast time became the Hunter’s bread and butter attack I ceased to enjoy that class as well. In that sense, Guild Wars 2, which largely lacks cast timers, should suit me very well playing any of the three classes I mentioned, and maybe in the cases of the Necromancer and Mesmer as well; I played very little of either and they are on the back burner.

So going in I’m thinking to play a Norn Ranger as a main with a Human Elementalist and Charr Engineer as alts. That’s the plan, and there will be other alts, but I’m looking forward to playing for real. I plan to emerge pale and shaking on Sunday night from as much Guild Wars 2 and microwaved food as I can manage.


One response to “A Love of Range

  1. I enjoyed playing a ranger a lot more than expected. I did try all professions and thought the ranger was an excellent all around class, good at both range and then switching to melee if need be. It also has a nice mix of weapon choices as well. I’m still not sure what will be my main. Mesmer is fun but I struggled a lot at first, but I think they tweaked them to be a bit more powerful since I played. All professions are very playable, but I like lots of choice, so variety of weapons might be a major factor for me. I might just go with an asuran ranger because I usually never play ranger types or small characters. And they wear medium armor and there are several great medium armors with great hats. 🙂