More Vanguard Gameplay

Over the last couple of days I stocked up a bit on videos. I have two more Vanguard vids in the can plus a new one from the recent Guild Wars 2 stress test; it’s just a matter of getting them uploaded, which has been problematic of late. Nevertheless, they will appear as quickly as I can get them up, and then there’s the planned weekend orgy in Guild Wars 2, so I should have more next week as well.

This time around we start in on the Isle of Dawn’s crafting questline, with an eye to completing the quests in all three spheres before leaving the Isle.

One more minor leak out of the Vanguard forums, by the way: the issue with rendering rain in Windows 7 is getting fixed soon. As someone who has only played under Vista and Win7, it’s occurred to me that I have actually never seen the rain in Vanguard, which is depressing especially in a game with dynamic weather that actually moves across the world.

One response to “More Vanguard Gameplay

  1. As someone who began playing Vanguard on Kojan (where it rains about 75% of the time) and spent weeks around Cartheon (where it rains 98% of the time I can categorically say I would be happy never to see rain on Telon ever again.

    In fact, I see the lack of it under Win7 as a feature they could quite reasonably and successfully add to the SC store! If they bring the rain back I’d pay 500SC to get rid of it again.

    Or I could just stay on Qalia forever.