2012’s MMO Disk Purge

I’v been pretty inactive for the last few weeks, given non-gaming demands on my schedule, though I have still managed to squeeze in a little game time in Champions Online and in Guild Wars 2. As my games drive stands at a whopping 227 GB of instaklled games, however, I’ve decided that it’s time to conduct another purge of installed games. So what follows is what I’m keeping or have additional thoughts on, post-purge. They are, in some sense, the MMOs that I consider “worth playing” at the present time. Order is alphabetical.

DUMPED: Age of Conan
A strong game in many respects, but a game that’s probably sixth or seventh on the list of things I would like to be playing right now. I will surely be back to it at some point, but at present it feels to me like a title slowly strangling itself in its own freemium model, by a publisher that doesn’t really know what to do with that kind of model.

KEEPING: Champions Online
Probably inspired by the upcoming announced and near-certain closure of City of Heroes, I’ve been playing quite a bit of this lately; it was my main game over the weekend. CO is kind of a game that plays to my weaknesses as an MMO player; I have a huge array of alts and that (partly) has kept me from progressing farther in the game than I have. Alerts, though the quality of play in them is often dismal, make it easy to hop in for 20 minutes to run a couple of them.

DUMPED: D&D Online
Honestly, I haven’t played this in ages, and I’m probably keeping it around out of nostalgia for its franchise. Without a dedicated group it’s very difficult to play seriously, and I don’t have either that or the time to organize such a thing.

Even though it isn’t quite subscription-only, I think EVE is the last MMO for which subscription via whatever method remains the only way to play that I think is actually worth the sub fee. I have like 4 accounts, all of which have been inactive for some time,

KEEPING: Fallen Earth
Another one I haven’t played in a while. But I think this is a very strong game with a lot going for it. When I do pick it back up actively I will likely do some more videos for it.

KEEPING: Guild Wars 2The new hotness, of course. From the scuttlebutt that I see, it appears to me that GW2 will be holding up post-launch better than any other recent MMO, with the possible exception of Rift. I’m enjoying it so far and would like to find the time to get back to it.

DUMPED: EverQuest
I’d installed it yet again since I’m (still) on a Station Access account, but I simply came to it too late; it’s too dated for me to get into at this stage. Had I played in 2000 I’d have loved it (but would probably have loved DAoC more.)

For me a core fantasy MMO. I was very active in it over the summer but have since not paid it much attention. But I’m always just an itch away from playing some EQ2.

KEEPING: The Lord of the Rings Online
Another game I have been very inactive with. I own all the content and have all the expansions and only relatively recently got as far as Moria. I haven’t picked up the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion; I’ll look at buying the content — on sale — if and when I get that far in the game. Should I start playing again I will definitely pick up the sixth inventory bag, to alleviate the nightmare that is inventory management in LotRO.

KEEPING: Planetside 2 (BETA)
It’s probable that I will spend very limited time in this before launch, but I’m excited to see it release, which should happen, surprisingly, by the end of the year. One thing I’m particularly interested to see is how SOE, which has now fully embraced the freemium model, handles a game designed to support that model from the get-go. The ForgeLight engine is remarkable and heralds great things out of future SOE projects.

DUMPED: Star Trek Online.
It’s a rich game in many respects, but with no support incoming for the Duty Officer system, which is the only thing that made the game feel like Star Trek to me, my interest lagged. Not a dreadful game but I simply don’t have time for it amid the pile of other things to play.

DUMPED: Star Wars: The Old Republic.
It’s possible I may pick this up again once it goes free, although I’m not terribly excited by the prospect. SWTOR is in my opinion simply not a complete MMO. As a free player knocking out the single-player storyline, it may be a fun diversion for a while, but which lacks the very open-endedness that makes MMOs appealing in the first place. Nor do I have, these days, any particular affection for this end of the property.

NOT INSTALLED: World of Warcraft
Not installed and staying not installed, but I feel obliged to mention it. My interest in coming back for Mists of Pandaria is very mild, to the point where I am not sure if I will pick it up at all, at any point. WoW is another title where I simply don’t care for the direction it’s headed. Not enough to hate it, but enough to discourage me from going to the trouble of bothering again. Ever, really.

KEEPING: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
F2P has boosted Vanguard’s population considerably, and it’s a game I will certainly keep one foot in pretty much at all times now.

So that’s seven released MMO, plus one beta, plus another I’m considering. More than enough to do in what time I have.


5 responses to “2012’s MMO Disk Purge

  1. Well, in the last two weeks I have played only two of them. The rest are on the back burner, but I hold them in high enough regard that I’m keeping them installed.

  2. I currently have more than thirty MMOs installed and half a dozen more on USB drives. That includes several that are no longer in business, such as NeoSteam, Zentia and Rubies of Eventide. I ran into the full hard drive problem a couple of months back but my solution was to buy another drive.

    I never really see the point of uninstalling. It’s not like the unplayed MMOs are getting in the way of anything, or cluttering up the house like my 8,000 comic books, thousand vinyl albums or uncounted hundreds of paperbacks. Might as well just leave them be – who knows when I might suddenly get the urge to play an hour or two of Aika or Loong?

  3. When I built my most recent PC last December platter drive prices were through the roof due to all the flooding. I ended up with 2 SSDs which are smoking fast but leave me constantly struggling for space. As such I only have room for a couple MMOs at a time. Currently the only MMOs I have installed are WoW, Vanguard and GW2. The only one of that bunch I’ve played in the last month is GW2.

    GW2 really sucked me in and is very accommodating to my play-style. I’m burnt out on raiding and farming dungeons and GW2 makes it easy to play with my more casual friends.

    I’m still on the fence about MoP. I’ll probably pick it up at some point but I couldn’t say when. It will be the first WoW expansion I’m not buying on release.

    I’d like to check out Vanguard again sometime but despite the amazing amount of leveling content I can’t help but feel like I’ll get to a point where I have to raid or at least group to find anything meaningful to do (50+). It shouldn’t matter but knowing what awaits when I’m done leveling is enough to dissuade me for now in light of so many other games I want to play, especially Borderlands 2 (unlocks tonight) and Torchlight 2 in a couple more days.

    Between the games just mentioned and GW2 I don’t see any shortage of things to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

  4. I didn’t even mention the 17 games I have installed through Steam. None of them are MMOs, but one of them is Skyrim, which can suck time down in a similar manner.