Passing the Baton

I’d been meaning to post about this already, but I somehow missed doing so; it seems The Nosy Gamer has picked up the baton on tracking XFire numbers for MMOs, and in a most persistent way. In his latest round of reporting there are some interesting, if expected, figures:

  • With the expansion release, WoW is back on top among MMOs. Not back on top among all tracked games, though.
  • Guild Wars 2 is still holding up pretty strong; it’s still early but it appears to be weathering at least the Storm Over Pandaria fairly well. Conversely, the hit on WoW from GW2 is visible in these numbers.
  • Having not paid attention to this for quite a while, I’m surprised to see Star Wars: The Old Republic at number three. Still, it’s a rather large, cliff-like drop-off from the #2 spot.
  • EVE Online and Aion have roughly comparable numbers to SWTOR. LotRO comes in at #7, which is in my judgement pretty strong, considering that its expansion is still awaiting launch.
  • APB: Reloaded and Star Trek Online come it at #8 and #10, respectively. I had no idea. Perhaps a point for further commentary later.
  • The rest of the top 10 is made up of Games Ardwulf Doesn’t Give A Shit About. Except maybe for Mabinogi, which despite the art style has some interesting things going for it.

I’m glad to see someone with more patience than I is doing this. I’ll be keeping up with this very avidly.

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