Goals At All Times

So after five years in EVE Online — off and on, of course — I find myself with just north of 9 million skill points and 8 million ISK. Which is not bad as a starting point, as we may as well regard this. I do have a decent established infrastructure, with about ten ships mostly kitted out to work with including a couple of cruisers, an Industrial, a BC and some frigates, a station hold full of stuff including ammo and modules and a few blueprints and such should I elect to pursue that line of work.

No corp, and that’s a big minus that I will attempt to remedy at some point; previous attempts at landing somewhere active and helpful yet tolerant of my disappointing habit of disappearing for a year at a time have not worked out, so it’s something to look for. As far as goal setting, it’s on the list. Speaking of Lists:

Short Term Goals (Days Away)

  • Run missions (primarily L2s) to build up enough ISK to be able to fly, outfit and — most importantly — replace my baddest ship, the Hurricane.
  • On the way, it would be nice to build up enough standings with corps other than the Brutor Tribe to run Level 3s.
  • Meanwhile, keep skilling up in various areas but centered on cruiser/battlecruiser fighting. My skills in such areas as Industry, Social and that kind of stuff are adequate for the moment; I don’t intend to do any non-mission mining right now.
  • Get EVE Fitting Tool and EVEMon up and running again, assuming those are still the go-to tools.

Mid-Term Goals (Weeks Away)

  • The short-term goals are moving in the direction of being able to run Level 3 missions effectively. L3s are where they money starts to get better, and level 4s are where you can start to make so serious cash.
  • Start fishing for a decent corp. I’m not sure where I would like to go with that right now; nullsec or wormhole corps are things I’m considering. My volume of playtime is a factor against that kind of thing, but even then there are options. If I want to stay in Empire the options are slightly wider.
  • Continue to build up my repertoire of ships without buying anything terribly expensive, so likely some of the Tech 2 frigates are options for this.

Long-Term Goals (Months Away)

  • Be able to afford an effectively-fitted battleship (I have my eye on the Maelstrom) and fly it decently well. This might fit into the medium term goals, but I’m not in a tremendous hurry on that; I would rather wait and do it well. I do have the skills to fly Battleships now but only at the most rudimentary level, like take it out of stations and shoot the guns, as long as they aren’t good guns. Lots of skills need work in this department.
  • Level 4 missions. PLEX and such. To make paying for your sub with PLEX a viable option, you need to make about 400 million ISK above whatever you need to pay for whatever else it is you want to do. So such a thing is a ways off and not worth getting hung up on at this point.
  • Get back into mining, eventually. Hulk mining, most probably, and I’m a decent distance from that, although I could fly a Mining Barge fairly shortly if I wanted to.
  • Get out to nullsec. Depending on how the effort of finding a corp goes, this could potentially happen a lot sooner, but we’ll see.

4 responses to “Goals At All Times

  1. I have a newbie pilot (she has about 3M SP, I believe) that I just reinstated after having played for just one month quite a bit ago.

    I really want to like Eve, but it’s all a little scattered for me right now. I want to PvP eventually, but want to build up some cash flow first. I want to be an industrialist, but it’s daunting to get in that field. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at exploring. Makes my head hurt!

    So I went the missioning route first – her skills are very combat-oriented. Your goals look in line with what I feel mine should be, perhaps Mining aside. I was originally interested in salvaging and getting into a Noctis. I can fly a mean Rifter, having based my skills on a guide from that initially, and right now is flying a solid Thrasher.

    I was in EVE Uni initially, but was kicked because I didn’t play for months. Feel free to look me up in game if you ever want someone to run missions with or whatever. Charonne Lucienne is my pilot.

  2. Been reading your last series of posts on returning to EVE. If your in need of some assistance getting back into EVE as well being able to easier work on those short, medium, long range goal I can be of help if you so need it. You can more than easily figure out how to contact me ingame via my blog about page info and contact me ingame. If your eventually you need to find a good decent operating Corp which makes all the difference in EVE as well, we also have a very good Corp as well Alliance that operate both in Empire and WH space. Wherever you settle on for Corp will always be up to toucans what you want out of your EVE experience. But at least I can offer you a decent one to try out if need be if you so choose. In any case let me know if anything I can do to help you find your way this round back in EVE that can eventually enhance your live of the game.

  3. The retriever is a really nice solo mining ship with the recent mining changes, and it isn’t too hard to train up and fly it. No more jet cans!

    For a battleship, I’m flying the Typhoon at the moment. Getting into a Maelstrom is on my shortlist.