Repurposed Vanguard Content

A while back, as part of the drive to take the free to play, Vanguard’s many starting areas were consolidated into just four. Now, I have my issues with that, but the idea that you only need a few starting areas appears to be institutional at SOE, and in any case I did see the point of concentrating the limited developer hours available. At the time, though, all of those old starting areas just sat idle — you could even still do the content there if you were inclined to travel, but most of them were rather off the riftway network.

In what may be a sign of the eventual fate of all of those areas, the old Varanthari starter area of Lomshir has been retuned to the level 10-15 range. The quests are mostly the same, and there’s now a riftstone that drops you right where new Varanthari characters used to enter Telon for the first time. It’s probably not such a bad way to handle it, actually — other currently-idle starting areas could be targeted at other level ranges, and this way the lore and other neat racial stuff that’s in those old starter areas stays in the game and visible.

My own Mordebi Psionicist is right in that level range, so I sent him down there and it appears to be a comprehensive job, with the quests hitting that range in all three spheres and with the Serpent of Sihari, one of my own favorite lowbie open-world dungeons, kicked up a couple of levels as well. For a game that’s spent much of the last five years apparently at death’s door there’s still a great deal of vitality left in the old girl.


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