A Wee Bit of MMO Action

Blizzard had one of those periodic “come back and play free for a week” things, so I signed up for that and did a bit of dabbling in Azeroth for the first time in a while. The Pandaria content, as far as I got in it, struck me as rather dull and plodding. When the second Pandaria zone turned out to feel much like the first Pandaria zone, that did it. The whole experience made me want to play EverQuest II.

Level 70It wasn’t that long ago that I hit level 60 for the first time in EQ2. After another six months of irregular and intermittent play I have hit 70. Obviously, leveling is a great deal easier these days, what with unavoidable ample AAs and Mercenaries and the like. I wouldn’t say that leveling content has become utterly trivialized, but it’s definitely fairly easy to get through without an excessive amount of attention.

That’s about all I’ve had time to do of late. I do have some other stuff cooking which may get talked about some time soon, but the real action will happen after the end of the month when school has wrapped up for the year.

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