Ardwulf’s Big Rift Giveaway! Rift+Expansion+30 Days

A code from Trion, courtesy of Raptr, has come my way. The code includes the Rift base game plus the Storm Legion expansion plus 30 days of game time — and word is you can use to to claim the expansion and the 30 days even if you have a lapsed Rift account.

Due to time and energy constraints I’ve decided not to use it myself… but that’s no reason to waste it! So I am instead giving it away. How do you get in on this deal? Easy! Hit up my Twitter account, and retweet the Twitter post linking to this blog post. About 48 hours later I will DM the code to a random rewteeter via Twitter.

I’ll also throw in codes for a Storm Legion Arbiter Helm and set of Stone Spaulders to two other retweeters, so chances might not be all that bad you’ll end up with something if you retweet. But you do have to retweet to win!


2 responses to “Ardwulf’s Big Rift Giveaway! Rift+Expansion+30 Days

  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Ard! Curious, is the thirty days only applicable to new accounts or can the code be used with existing ones as well?