Neverwinter Day Two Vids

Day two of Neverwinter’s Launch, like day one, wasn’t without issues. Some server stability problems and issues doing things in-game like queueing for instances, and the return of a little bit of lag — and not at prime time, either. I personally didn’t see a single login queue.

Today saw me running skirmishes and PvP instances for the first time since the closed beta. The latter in particular yield pretty nice XP. I now have a companion and am delving into “professions,” which are Neverwinter’s idea of crafting. I also have a ton more videos either already posted or coming as fast as I can get YouTube to take them.

The more of this game I play, the more impressed I am with it. I’ll be giving it some more time before committing any (if any) money to it, but so far aside from lockbox keys I’m not terribly tempted by any of the store offerings.


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