Ireland Unified

Yesterday I “completed” another game of Crusader Kings II, this time playing as the Count of Dublin. By “completed” I mean that I made my in-game goal, the unification of Ireland. I still need considerable practice at realm management, however, as Ireland promptly fell apart upon my death. Next time I may play a nation like France and work on that.

Then again, there is so much to Crusader Kings 2 that I could play forever and basically never be done exploring all it has to offer, even without the new expansion The Old Gods (which I will grab when it goes on sale, likely this summer) or the next two years of additional DLC that have recently been announced.

2 responses to “Ireland Unified

  1. I really wish I could get into CK2. I think smaller goals, like uniting Ireland would help. I just end up starting with an Independent kingdom and not really doing much except holding it together.

  2. I really dig CK2. It’s an excellent game, and I’ve been having a lot of fun lately raiding with the new Viking stuff 🙂 My Norse empire keeps growing quickly, then just as quickly falling apart under the succession laws.

    I did definitely have some trouble initially, understanding all the nuances – there’s a lot of base knowledge to uncover. I’d often find myself in really weird, desperate circumstances with everything falling apart and not knowing for sure exactly “why”…. every game I think I learn some new little tidbit 🙂

    One thing that really helped me was watching some youtube “Let”s Play”s. There are plenty out there, and the combo of watching someone else play while explaining concepts seemed to solidify a lot for me.

    Off the top of my head, I know quill18 has a couple excellent series to give me the basics, and right now I’m watching a series from “arumba07″… he’s a bit more advanced and quick, but I’ve picked up some new insights on concepts I was fuzzy on.

    Gratz on Ireland, now on to the Empire of Brittania 🙂