Backwards Yet, Maybe, Forwards

Of late I’ve been spending a bit of very casual time in EverQuest. As long-time readers will know, I missed out of EQ in its heyday and have made only a few abortive attempts to get into it in recent years. This time around, having skipped the upappealing tutorial zone and diving directly into what appears to be the only remaining starter zone, it’s working a little better for me. I’m a bit out of my depth, but presumably time can fix that, if I keep playing.

I’m also futzing with the open beta of Firefall. I like it, although it’s occupying the same slot in my head that Planetside 2 does. I intend to keep fooling with it, although my current interest level (which is not extraordinarily high) inclines me to wait for launch rather than deal with the vicissitudes of beta.

Looking forward, there are two MMOish titles on the horizon that I’m exited about: Star Citizen and EverQuest Next. The former may not be officially an MMO, but a lot of the talk coming out of the Star Citizen group is pretty exciting, and as far as I can see today it’s close enough. I’m particularly interested in how the game is supposed to interact with player activity vis a vis the economy, as discussed in the linked video.

EQNext might be a full-throated return to the sandbox for SOE. We actually know a lot less about it than we do Star Citizen at this point, but hopefully that will change with the game’s formal reveal at SOELive in early August. In a typical stroke of luck, I will be camping at that time, but I’ll catch up when I get back a few days later.

Either or both could disappoint, of course. But they do stand a chance of pushing virtual worlds forward for the first time in years. The “MMORPG” term has basically outlived its usefulness as terminology, and as a category it has ceased evolving in any direction of its own, rather moving closer to other, safer styles of game.

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  1. Actually, all the starter zones are still there. When you create your character you have a choice of where to start based on race. You CAN pick Crescent Reach – or you can pick all the original cities. They haven’t removed them like they did in EQ2.