EverQuest Next Revealed and Why You Should Pay Attention

It seemed to me that with all the EQNext news and excitement that I should do a video. So here it is. This is something different from my usual style of video where I just sit and play and ramble. Much more work, what with scripting and editing and all that. But I think it turned out fairly well.

11 responses to “EverQuest Next Revealed and Why You Should Pay Attention

  1. Are there still going to be static NPCs? Are there still going to be characters who *poof* into existence and re-spawn after death like immortal beings? Are all items still dropped magically from monsters with no sense of how they got there? Are characters still going to be ageless and never get sick and can never have children? Are characters able to run and fight for hours without sleep or rest? Will they gain health automatically or from simply consuming a magic item which instantly heals you?

    If the answer is yes to these questions, may I pose the question: “why are YOU paying attention?” Until an online can do these things, they are silly toys for children.

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    • SOE is being bold enough for say that EQN will not have the holly trinity. Public quests are aparently not a problem now, the MMO communit aparently accepted that MMO will have them, but not everyone is preparated for the end of tank/healer/dps.

      IMHO, they are being bold enough for try implement everything they said will implement, including what storybricks and voxel farm can do.

      • I agree its a nice step forward, but Storybricks and voxels or no, doubt if the kind of immersion we all really want (a burned out village that we the players have to rebuild), don’t expect to see anything mind blowing in a living world sort of way then we already have in today’s MMO’s. Still excited, but have no real high expectations that all that Storybricks goodness can really be pulled off in an MMO.

  3. World size is something I’m really psyched about too, but for the record, it was stated that they were including the underground in that estimate. I could see the surface area being not that much bigger, or perhaps smaller, than previous Everquests if there are a lot of underground areas being “shuffled around” with earthquakes like they’ve said.

    My sincere guess is that SOE will try to make the biggest world possible, but they will be limited by their ability to design interesting POIs, and perhaps also by the necessity to design things to a particular scale. But I also think that if player architecture really takes off (as it should if EQN is a success) they will open up another continent and make sure it’s much more huge than the main continent. I hope I’m wrong and they just make the main continent as huge as possible right off the bat–they’ve been hinting that travel will be more difficult for players, so maybe distance will be a part of the reason (it’s clear they’ll be making cross-continent teleportation rare).

  4. At the picture leaked there are one surface, 3 underground areas and a floating isle, we can guess that each cube of 2 km side they can use for make the world with have 10 km2 of total area for each cube (5 “flat” areas each cube, 2 km2 each).

    The question is how many that cubes they want use.

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