Life at the Level Cap

When I first hit the level cap in WoW I wandered around befuddled for a bit and then unsubscribed. It wasn’t that I didn’t know that there was anything to do, or that I hadn’t given it any thought. I just wasn’t terribly interested in the options available, and those couple of things that I did want to do seemed locked behind a wall of grinding.

The level cap game in Guild Wars 2 isn’t any less grindy, but for a game without much of a traditional instance-driven MMO endgame there’s a lot of options. One oddity is that even after reaching the level cap you still continue to accrue XP and even “level,” but you gain skill points instead. I personally am a couple of points away from buying the very last Ranger skill, but at some point there are sure to be new skills.

There’s also exploration, which GW2 probably does better than any other themepark MMO. I have a vague goal of getting 100% world completion, which isn’t happening anytime soon. At level 80 and having gone out of my way to get as many exploration points as possible, I’m at 57% and working through more zones as I try to complete the last two Queen’s Jubilee achievements. In fact, for most of the last week my personal mission has been running Queen’s Jubilee events, mostly to farm up enough gold to buy an extra character slot. I managed to hit that goal yesterday. On the way, though, I found myself shooting for the Living World achievements as well, and I’ve gotten most of the Crown Pavilion stuff done and a few of the Queen’s Gauntlet achievements as well. This is the first chunk of Living World stuff I’ve done, and it’s very much the same kind of content as you’d see in WoW’s holiday events… but in this case it least it’s fun event content. I found the majority of WoW’s holiday events to be forced, grindy and generally not enjoyable.

As usual for me, crafting lagged behind my leveling, but I’ve been trying to increase crafting levels on multiple characters as well. Perhaps there is some ultra-efficient mode for leveling crafting that remains undiscovered by me , but I’ve found that, with the exception of cooking, in order to level though a tier of crafting I need far more of all types of crafting materials than I actually gather leveling through that range. And I gather from every node I see. It’s possible that I’m doing it wrong, or that it works smoothly if one meticulously plans the whole leveling run in advance or something.

That annoyance aside, and while I am fooling arund with some alts to try to find a second character class to level, I’m enjoying playing at the cap.

One response to “Life at the Level Cap

  1. Are you “researching” new recipes when crafting? You gain a lot more xp when finding a new recipe.