Ardwulf Plays: EverQuest II

My current front-burner project (in my copious free time ha ha) is a Let’s Play run at EverQuest II. I’d been waiting for ages for character slots to go on sale, and they finally did (all September.) So I bought several and finally got to start a new character.

The new character is a Wood Elf Fury, starting in the Greater Faydark zone. The plan is to get that zone finished and then move on to the next zone, but with a different character. I have the first two episodes up, embedded below. After various rendering and uploading difficulties. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Fixed the embed on the second vid. Byproduct of a failed upload.

One response to “Ardwulf Plays: EverQuest II

  1. I like that the thumbnail for the top movie shows you with ~100 hotbar slots setup on your UI in anticipation of all the skills you will end up with. That for me is always a killer when I try to return to EQII. Too many skills and I can never remember what even a small percentage of them do.