The New Frontier

The dearth of posts over the last few weeks is mostly due to me not gaming. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about gaming… in fact that’s been one of the things on my mind.

What I have been doing, in my copious free time, is getting set up to switch over to Linux as my primary operating system. I am tired of the Windows rat race, the cruft and bloat and hassle, and while I could alleviate some of this with a clean Windows install, I can also get much better system performance out of Linux. Obviously once on Linux I will still want to game — and I needn’t necessarily abandon any particular Windows game (or sftware of any kind, in fact.) But that’s something we’ll get into later.

So here I am, typing on my new and whistle-clean install of Linux Mint 15. Some of the posts which will follow are likely to be about the challenges of gaming on Linux.


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