Time to Celebrate

When writing yesterday’s article I noticed a tendency to write about Vanguard in the past tense, as something that’s already gone. But it isn’t, yet. Since launch there have been people predicting Vanguard’s death within six months, and here we are, just under seven years later. And we have six more months. Some MMOs have lived and died in less time. This kind of game lives fast; the oldest one still around is 17 and is now a dinosaur. Six months is a long time in MMO years… itself more time than Vanguard would have had without SOE stepping in to take over the game.

Vanguard isn’t gone yet. Some MMOs are born and die in a period shorter than that. Six months to log some quality time in a game still rich with possibilities for progression and exploration. I’ve had relatively little time to game lately, but what I have I’ll be spending in Vanguard. As much as I’ve played it there are sights yet unseen and deeds left undone, a great world to explore and some of the best dungeons ever to delve.

There will be a time to mourn. But not yet, not yet.

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