Reflection and Redirection

Ardwulf’s Lair began as a blog on a long-defunct site called GAX, a precursor to GameBreaker that never quite took off. Before long (in October of 2007) I migrated here to WordPress, where I have remained since. That was a bit over six years ago. I had begun by blogging about my adventures in Vanguard, and though I soon veered off into many other titles, that’s the game I retain a special affection for to this day.

I have not been blogging much for the last couple of months. Mostly that’s a factor of time; between school, work and family I have had very, very little time to do any video gaming at all, so blogging about it was even lower in priority. But I have been engaged in some other pursuits, including some tabletop gaming and working on some things of my own invention. With Vanguard sunsetting and my own creative urges pulling me in a different direction, it’s probably time to contemplate a change of focus for this blog.

I won’t be going away or anything equally dramatic. In fact it’s likely you’ll see a fair amount of MMORPG content here over the next few months as Vanguard slowly moves toward its sunset. And there will always be video game stuff here. But you’ll also begin to see other kinds of content, in some cases pointers to or reposts from one of my other blogs. So: fair warning.


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