Origins 2014

The Origins Game Fair, one of the country’s largest hobby game conventions, takes place in Columbus, Ohio each summer. It starts this Wednesday. It’s a great show and I have fun every year. I’ve only missed two shows since 1995, one due to scheduling issues and the other due to a health problem which is thankfully cleared up now.

As in previous years I will be posting on social media about the show while it’s happening and I’ll have blog posts regarding it as time permits – hopefully each day, but when it’s over if nothing else. I plan to take as many photos as my batteries allow. Unlike previous years my intention this year is to game my ass off. We’ll see what I can get into on Wednesday, but I have a full slate of games planned, with alternates in case any of my first choices are filled. I will be hitting D&D and Pathfinder hard, filling in the gaps with goodies from Indie Games on Demand. I may also try that Artemis thing if I get the opportunity. I even have a miniatures game on my alternates list.


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