My Origins Event Schedule

Origins 2014 has begun, and today I picked up my badge and signed up for as many events as I could fit into my schedule (below.) I will be reporting on each event as the con proceeds, in addition to tweeting under the #OriginsGameFair hashtag, plus as much else as I can get in.



  • 2 PM – 6 PM: Full Thrust (Miniatures)
  • 6 PM – 10 PM: 13th Age


  • 8 AM – 12 PM: D&D BECMI, B4 The Lost City
  • 1 PM – 5 PM: D&D Next, Legacy of the Crystal Shard
  • 7 PM-8 PM: Artemis Spaceship Brudge Simulator
  • 8 PM – Midnight: D&D BECMI, X2 Castle Amber


  • 8 AM – 1 PM: Pathfinder, Destiny of the Sands, Part 1
  • 1 PM – 6 PM: Pathfinder, Destiny of the Sands, Part 2
  • 7 PM – Midnight: Pathfinder, Library of the Lion


Sunday’s up in the air, as the 8-hour marathon Pathfinder game I’d planned to be in was sold out.


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