New Frontiers

I started Ardwulf’s Lair in 2007. For over seven years I’ve been a regular MMORPG blogger, until recent months when I’ve not been blogging much at all. So it’s with some reluctance that I must confess to not feeling like an MMORPG blogger anymore. I have largely lost the love for MMORPGs as they exist today. Not that there aren’t still some good ones, and I certainly don’t swear to never play an MMORPG again, but the days of this blog being MMORPG oriented are at an end.

Of course, I have by no means given up on either Ardwulf’s Lair or PC gaming. Ardwulf’s Lair will evolve (I expect) into more of a general-purpose blog about whatever I want to talk about. Which will include video games and MMOs, but not exclusively. The Ardwulf’s Lair YouTube channel will also continue, and that will be exclusively about video games.

I will have a new gaming-oriented blog debuting on December 1, for which I am now working on content. I’ll have an announcement about that some time soon.


One response to “New Frontiers

  1. We’re all getting older, moving on, finding new things to write about. Hell, my blog was going to be an exclusive Warhammer Online blog – that lasted about 2 weeks…