Plans Change

My plan in mid-November was to start a new blog about video games with a new YouTube channel to go along with it. As usually happens with plans, disruptions arose. For one, school pressure ratcheted up dramatically; my projected six-day Thanksgiving weekend turned into a lot of driving back and forth between Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and Chicago. The large school project remained due with essentially nothing to show for it from that weekend. So my planned December 1 launch date for the new blog came and went.

As usually happens with my plans, though, I started rethinking them even before the start of the month. Not dramatically — I’m still going to do what I was going to do, just behind schedule. But the perceived need to launch an all-new brand seemed to dissipate.

That means that I will be doing the gameplay videos, reviews and brand-building here rather than somewhere else. Ardwulf’s Lair already has a lot of the infrastructure I need: graphics, YouTube channel, and other stuff.

School is winding down. I have exactly one more day of classes, two projects and two finals before I’m finally done. As in graduating. After that I will have more time for everything else. Meanwhile, I have some content ready to go that you should start to see appearing by midweek. Before too much longer I will set to work on a new look for the site, and into January I should be able to be rolling full-steam.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient waiting for word from me for the last week or so. Your readership and input are appreciated.


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