The New Ardwulf’s Lair

For the last year or two, as school pressures and other responsibilities have increased, Ardwulf’s Lair has not been especially active. I’d been posting here and there, but mostly I wasn’t even playing, and it’s hard to post regularly about an activity you’re not doing.

As school finally starts to wind down, though, and I get more time to play (and there will be even more after the holidays,) I’ve also been thinking about how to revitalize the blog. There are some idaes I’m not yet ready to talk about yet, but the immediate impact has already started — the return of regular posts and increasing development of the Ardwulf’s Lair YouTube channel, both anchored firmly in the bedrock of actual play.

The old focus of Ardwulf’s Lair, on MMORPGs, is basically no more. While I have not abandoned that genre entirely, much less permanently, it’s disappointed me more than it’s pleased me for the last couple of years, and I think that its brightest lights on the horizon are semi-MMOs like Shroud of the Avatar and Elite: Dangerous. I hope to start talking about those soon, but there are other types of games that appeal to me. Many of these fall more or less into the single player RPG or strategy genres.

So what games do I think I’ll be playing and posting about in the near future? As you’ve seen, I’ve already started a playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, and I plan to stick with that. I’d also kind of like to replay the Mass Effect series, and if I’m doing that I may as well do a grand tour of recent Bioware RPGs, to include Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition as well. (The latter you will definitely see sooner or later.) In the strategy theater I’m thinking of stuff from Paradox, in particular Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV, and maybe a last go at Hearts of Iron III before its successor comes out. Potential odds and ends might also include Mount & Blade: Warband and the Witcher series. I may even finally tackle Assassin’s Creed, which I’ve owned for ages but never managed to play. There will also be one-shots in the Ardwulf Presents series — Banished is what I’m thinking of for that. I offer nothing concrete at this time, with the one exception noted above, but these are the possibilities that are swirling right now.

That’s a lot to do, and I surely won’t get to all of it. But I’ll have fun trying, and I hope that you’ll enjoy following me along the way. For now, back to Dragon Age!


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