Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 4 – The Korcari Wilds

In Episode 4 of our Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, our party ventures into the Korcari Wilds, crawling with foes, in search of Darkspawn blood and lost Grey Warden documents.

As we arrive in the Wilds we face hostile wildlife and find a badly wounded Ferelden soldier, who we patch up and send back to Ostagar. Ser Jory begins to sound squeamish even before we begin to encounter groups of Darkspawn, some of which prove to be challenging.

We locate the old Grey Warden archives only to find it looted and replaced by a strange witch-woman of the wilds, Morrigan, who is trying a little too hard to seem enigmatic. It turns out that her “mother” has them in her possession. Taken to the old witch, she hands over a set of ancient treaties forged long ago by the Grey Wardens with Dwarves, Elves and Magi. These will be important after the events to come. The treaties in hand, Morrigan escorts us out of the wilds.

Dragon Age: Origins has a very similar story framework to Mass Effect 2, yet the former has possibly hundreds of hours of gameplay while the latter has maybe thirty. I think that the Mass Effect games in general are narratively tighter, and the Dragon Age pause-and-direct combat surely adds significantly to the time it takes to complete, but I think it’s interesting how the two series are so distinct in play volume despite coming out of the same company and being so similar structurally.

Stay tuned for episode 5, incoming tomorrow! This week I’m moving to a new, daily schedule with these posts. So you can expect a new episode every day until Saturday, and hopefully continuing into next week and beyond.


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