Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 6 – The Tower of Ishal

In Episode 6 of our Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, Alastair and I are set to the task of lighting the beacon atop the Tower of Ishal at Ostagar, only to find it overrun by Darkspawn.

Almost immediately upon entering the tower we are set upon by Darkspawn, who do some serious damage with an opening ambush. Methodically, we fight our way through groups of enemies as we ascend the tower. On the final floor, we encounter a powerful Orge, who takes out two of our party members before we can defeat him.

But we do, and the beacon is lit. But Loghain, instead of reinforcing the King’s forces, retreats, leaving both this King and the Grey Wardens to be massacred. We ourselves are taken by the Darkspawn, but saved in some unknown manner by Flemeth. Swearing vengeance and justice upon Loghain, we awaken in Flemeth’s hut.

I mentioned in Monday’s post that Dragon Age: Origins has a similar story structure to Mass Effect 2. Ther two series, however, differ in an important way. The Mass Effect games really tell a single large story, with the same player protagonist, even if the progression systems differ from game to game. Each of the three Dragon Age games, however, tells a different story, with a different main character. One reason for this is the way Dragon Age: Origins ends, but that’s something we’ll get to in due time. I’ve already mentioned the vastly different amounts of content in the two series. Another reason for the difference may be the different expectation one has between fantasy and science fiction RPGs. It will be interesting to play the two series side by side and see their similarities and contrasts.

Stay tuned for episode 7, due tomorrow!


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