Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 8 – A Message to Loghain

In Episode 8 of our Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, Alastair and Morrigan continue bickering in Lothering, where we opt to send a message to the Betrayer Loghain.

Arriving in Lothering, which is overrun by refugees fleeing the Darkspawn, I scour the village for useful supplies. Encountering a profeteering merchant, I bully him into lowering his prices for the beleagured refugees. I also agree to perform a few tasks for the villagers, empoying the party’s talents at herbalism and toxicology.

In the village tavern, we encounter Loghain’s men — looking for us. It seems that Loghain has blamed the fiasco at Ostagar on the Grey Wardens. Rather than try to conceal the fact that I am a Warden, I proudly announce it and we engage their party in combat. Quickly subduing them, I elect to spare their leader instead of giving him the grisly death he deserves, for the sake of taking a message from the Grey Wadrens to Loghain, and becuase I would not be able to leave his bloody, mouldering corpse in a ditch anyway.

We also encounter Leliana, a lay sister of the Chantry who may have a less wholesome past, and may also be insane. She invites herself along on our mission, and I agree, because she has skills that we otherwise lack.

We also come across a strange man in a cage, set there to die by the Chantry for massacring an entire family. Alastair reminds me that the Qunari are renowned as fierce warriors, and it seems to me that he might be of use. I convince the Revered Mother to release him into my custody. We also meet an old friend of Alastair, Ser Donnall, who informs us that Arl Eamon is deathly ill — even magic is unable to cure his ailment. His knights are searcing for the Urn of Sacred Ashes, a sacred relic of Andraste said to be able to cure all ills. But there are no clues to the Urn’s location in Lothering. So with Sten added to opur party, we haed into the wilderness north of Lothering.

I mentioned this in one of the videos, but just to get it in writing: I first bought Dragon Age: Origins for the PS3 not long after it came out. I recognized immediately, though, that it would be better played on the PC — and reading the game’s large amount of text on my old 27″ CRT TV was no pleasure. So I set it aside for a while until the Ultimate Edition, which includes all of the DLC as well as the expansion, came up for sale on Steam. I think that at the time I may have paid what was for me a record price: $15 or thereabouts, as I recall. I did try to play it from a couple of different starting origins, and logged maybe ten hours total, which was quite a bit further than I had gotten on the PS3. Right around Lothering or just after is where I stalled, more than once.

Which is unfortunate, because it’s not until after Lothering that DA:O starts to open up, giving you someAboit what world to explore and a little less linearity. In the current playthrough I’m just getting up to that point, and I think I have more than enough momentum to carry me through, this time.

Episode 9 should be out on tomorrow!

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