Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 11 – Trouble on the Docks

In Episode 11 of our Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, we travel to the Tower of the Magi, to gain their aid against Loghain and the Blight. On the docks on Lake Calenhad, we learn that there is trouble in the Tower.

After talking our way into the Tower, we find that the Magi have been compromised. Demons and abominations have taken control, and the Templars control only part of the first floor. Seeing no other alternative, Knight-Commander Gregoir has called for the Rite of Annulment, which will eradicate everyting in the tower, Magi and demons alike. It’s not completely clear whether this is a ritual or a mere decree of some kind.

Wishing the Magi’s support in the crusade against the Blight, we agree to clear out the tower and salvage the situation. But the doors will be sealed behind us, with no escape until we fail or succeed. After seeing the quartermaster to clear space in our inventory, we venture inside.

Within, we find a group of Magi and your apprentices holding out, including Wynne, a senior Mage who was at Ostagar but who survived the slaughter. She will (must, in fact,) join us for the remainder of our work in the Tower, destroying the abominations and saving the First Enchanter.

With this episode we begin the main, branching part of the Dragon Age: Origins story. In principle we can do eacxh of the four paths in any order, but it turns out that they aren’t really tuned that way; the Magi questline in generally held (so I’ve read) to be the one you want to do first, since it’s alleged to be the easiest (but perhaps the longest, as you’ll see,) and it unlocks Wynne, the only healer companion, as a party member. Plus, my character is a Mage, so it seemed appropriate to do their questline first.

Stay tuned in for Episode 12, due tomorrow!


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