Ardwulf Plays: Pillars of Eternity!

I have hopped on the Obsidian bandwgon and am playing Pillars of Eternity. Videos below. Like Dragon Age: Origins, it’s touted as a successor to the classic Baldur’s Gate series of D&D RPGs from back in the day. Unlike Dragon Age: Origins (which, you may recall, I’ve recently played rather a lot of) it kind of is.

I’m enjoying it very much so far. Plan on seing more videos and posts about it in the future.


One response to “Ardwulf Plays: Pillars of Eternity!

  1. I’ve been playing it a lot this weekend myself. Did a druid and a wizard through the tutorial, but then settled on a monk as my main character. I’m up to level 8 and have a full party plus an extra back at the stronghold. Not sure if the game picks wjhat classes to give you for your party based on initial class, but so far my monk is the fighter/tank and then I’ve got chanter, cipher, wizard, priest, ranger, and druid that I’ve found and added – all “support” or ranged. Guess I’ll see on a future playthrough.