New Projects

Not much work has been done on Velastreon for the last week or two. Yet I have not been idle. When the worldbuilding bug grew quiet I pivoted into full-throated Fantasy Heartbreaker mode and am revisiting my long-in-development fantasy rules system. I don’t have a name for it anymore — a recently Kickstarted project tread a little too heavily on the title I’d been using. So for now it’s just A2d10S: Ardwulf’s 2d10 System.

As is usual for me, I am totally rebuilding the character creation system, although a lot of the rest of the guts of it will stay the same. It’s retro but not OSR, and is as much inspired by RuneQuest and Rolemaster, among others, as it is D&D.

It’s not commercial, but I don’t care. It’s the game I’ve had it in me to create for decades. Maybe once it’s done and played I’ll take on something more contemporary or salable.

More as I’m ready to reveal it.


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