New Vids, New Playthrough, Same Old Channel

This blog has been fallow for a while, and to be honest I feel really out of the groove of blogging, so I do not promise any surge of activity in the near future. But as it happens I do have some gaming news to report, and I have been moderately active elsewhere, particularly on Google+ and YouTube.

I’ve been posting some content over at the Ardwulf’s lair YouTube Channel. For one thing, I have disabled pre-video ads, because they are annoying and it’s not like they were making me any money.

For another, I have a number of new board/wargame videos up, including an unboxing of Mark Herman’s (relatively) new game Churchill, a power-politics game of the negotiations between the Allies to shape the world after World War II. I got to play it this past weekend (after making the video) and it’s a game that will repay repeated sessions.

I also did a video on Vassal, the engine that lets one play board/wargames on one’s PC, either locally or over the internet. I look forward to getting something rolling using this package.

And finally, I have a new Let’s Play series going, this time of Hearts of Iron III, something I have been wanting to do for ages. I am predictably playing as Germany because frankly I have the most fun playing as Germany. In part that’s because Germany is inherently fun to play in a strategic-level World War II game, but part of it’s just me; I have a little fluency in German so I can give all the units German names, for example, adding an RP element that I don’t have when playing, say the Soviets.

I have new episodes of this series scheduled to arrive every day, so stay tuned and subscribe.

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