Hearts of Iron III: The Saga Continues (Episodes 2-5)

As you heard yesterday, I am working my way through a game of Hearts of Iron III and posting the results to YouTube. Hopefully folks are enjoying them, and meanwhile I’m embedding new episodes in this post.

I would like to warn the prospective viewer that watching HoI videos can be dull unless you’re in to that kind of thing; it’s a slow-burning game. Playing as Germany, for example, it normally takes me 3-4 hours of play to get to the part of the game (some time in 1939) when the war actually starts. Some nations (e. g. Italy) start at war, while others (e. g. Japan) get to start shooting substantially earlier, but even so, especially early on a HoI Let’s Play is a sedate affair. Even once the war gets rolling (which happens in Episode 10 of my playthrough) each 20-30 minute (ha, ha) episode only covers a couple of in-game weeks at best.

A full game of Hearts of Iron III as one of the major nations, played until war’s end, is likely to run somewhere in neighbourhood of 40-60 hours. From a videography perspective, that’s 120-180 20-minute episodes. That’s a ton of overhead in recording, rendering and uploading.

Now, to be honest, I have a great deal of trouble making episodes that short. Mine probably average 35 minutes and I had a couple go close to an hour. Then again, I dropped the “original” episode 8, which was 54 minutes of me assigning mispronounced German leaders to individual divisions. I talk about that at the beginning of the “official” episode 8.

One solution that presents itself is to produce edited videos instead. This is at odds (I feel) with the whole Let’s Play concept, but it could potentially make sitting through the videos easier. I may try that in a future playthrough, maybe as the USSR, who I plan to play next. But I don’t enjoy video editing, so there’s that to consider as well.

Meanwhile, enjoy the vids, comment and subscribe!


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