Hearts of Iron III: The Road to War (Episodes 6-9)

The War Begins (Episodes 6-9)

My current gaming excursion, as previosuly discussed, is into Hearts of Iron III, playing as Germany. The game is coming along nicely, but not without twists and turns and challenges and flaky bits within the game. Which if you’re watching along, you’ll get to see.

This parcel of episodes contains the big watershed moment: the breeakout of World War II in Europe. While one has the option, in Hearts of Iron III, of starting in 1939 or later, I always like to play the buildup years first so I can craft the nation I’m playing according to my strategy.

For this playthrough, I’m building up the Kriegsmarine to challenge the Britsh at sea. No small task, and as the game goes on I’m really feeling the effect especially as leadership is pulled away from the core land techs that I’d pursue in a typical game as Germany. The typical German strategy is to challenge either the UK or the USSR; in the game I’m targeting both.

To invade Britain – which is my eventual intention – you need more than sea power. Germany needs control of the air as well, so I have to continue building up the Luftwaffe as well. But first, winter for Poland and France.

At the very end of episode 9, more than three years of building, development and preparation, Germany demands Danzig and the Polish Corridor from Poland. The Poles take this demand poorly, and war results.

I’m having tons of fun on this playthrough, and I hope folks are enjoying the videos as well. Here, at the very end of episode 9, is where things are going to start being crushed beneath the treads of advancng Panzers. Remember to subscribe if you want to stay up to date with the channel.


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