How to Wargame, A New Video Series

Now up on the channel are two new videos in a new series called How to Wargame, with a focus on bringing newcomers to wargaming with explanatory walkthroughs and topical treatments. It will be an ongoing series even after I’m finished explaining the first title, Paths of Glory from GMT Games and designer and general WWI master Ted Racier.

In the first video I introduce the game and explain the various components.

In episode 2 we delve into the sequence of play, discuss the victory conditions and explain two of the game’s phases: Mandated Offensives and War Status.

Enjoy! The response so far has been incredibly encouraging. Feel free to share these around.


One response to “How to Wargame, A New Video Series

  1. Hi!

    I’m using an old fake user-name and mail adress here, but I’m an RPGnetter (I dislike using my real name and e-mail on more or less open to the public sites like this, but my initials are O.J.) who discovered that the only one who has the authority to revive or hand over the old RPGnet supergroup (guild) on Champions Online…is you.

    Basically, me and a few others have returned to the game a little tentatively, and find ourselves a bit hampered by the fact that the group is basically totally abandoned, and the only ones who log on are at the lowest rungs of the membership ladder with no invite privileges or, well, much of anything.

    So…I hope we’re not asking too much. We’d just like you to log on ever so briefly and give whomever you feel like (though hopefully someone who’s logged on in the past year or so) the leadership position so we can bring it back to life without bringing in lightning or hunchback assistants. 🙂

    Peace! (If you want to reply to this, please, go check out the thread on the subject at the VGO forum on RPGnet.)