From the Ashes

As part of the rebirth of Ardwulf’s Lair, I intend to blog more regularly — my goal at the moment is a post a week, but we’ll see what evolves. Much of my content will be wargaming stuff at the Ardwulf’s Lair YouTube channel, or video game pieces at ArdwulfDigital.

Current endeavors include:

  • At Ardwulf’s Lair, the How to Wargame Series, currently featuring Paths of Glory but moving on to another system once that’s wrapped up.
  • Also at Ardwulf’s Lair, Wargame Exploration continues with GMT’s Unconditional Surrender.
  • Next on the wargame docket is probably going to be Multi-Man/The Gamers’ OCS, likely with further exploration videos as I try to learn the damnable thing.
  • At ArdwulfDigital, I have no concrete plans set, but the game I am currently most interested in is Elite: Dangerous. So you may see some video on that, or on Stellaris once the new patch releases.
  • Try to get a blog post up at least once a week. Hopefully becoming more frequent than that.
  • There should also be a new Channel Update video up in the first week of October. Additional plans will have solidified by then as well.

There have been a lot of requests/polite demands for more Paths of Glory episodes. The whole series is fully scripted and at the moment I’m dealing with some space management issues (this means my gaming space is junked up) that prevent me from setting the game up. But I do expect to have those wrapped up in the next week or two at the outside, and once that’s done I should be able to get back to work.


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