Blathering About Wargaming: A Correction

Since some of my YouTube viewers expressed interest in seeing stream-of-consciousness content despite my stated plan to lean the channel toward structured, scripted video, I did a video called Wargame Blather which is just me talking off the cuff about wargaming.

If response is good this may become a recurring but irregular feature.

The topic at hand this time around was wargaming the Normandy campaign of June 1944, with an emphasis on the operational level and looking at a number of games in that neighborhood, in particular Decision’s Atlantic Wall.

In the course of the video I misrepresented the soloability of Atlantic Wall’s Airborne Landing sequence. What I said is that there’s very little for the German player to do in this sequence. Which is true but not as clear-cut as I made it sound. While the German player more limited to deciding on retreat direction during the landings themselves, and while there are a number of limitations on how he can react during the movement and combat segments of the Airborne sequence, there are still plenty of decisions to make.

So I wanted to clarify that, which I didn’t feel I could do in an annotation. The next post will expand my thoughts on Atlantic Wall and how it seems to compare with GMT’s The Battle for Normandy.

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