Wargaming in 2017

I can’t say that I accomplished everything I wanted to in 2016, as a wargamer. But there was plenty of forward progress: I got in a little bit of wargaming at Origins, went to a week-long wargaming-centered event, and managed to get some play in at the local club. And my collection grew, mostly in titles I was looking for, but a little bit of chaff arrived as well. Perhaps most importantly, I made a number of wargaming contacts, both locally and online, and while I’ve already done some gaming with a couple of them, I think I’m in even better shape moving onward into the future.

Now it’s time to look into how I want to move forward in 2017.

Personal Gaming Space

One priority that’s perhaps the most pressing is to get my personal gaming space at home set up and organized. Right now that room is just a cluttered and disorganized mess. When complete it will be a small but adequate space for one or two-map games to get and stay set up. This is such a big deal because it will let me host games at home, but it’ll also enable bigger and better videos.

Ardwulf’s Lair on YouTube

And speaking of which, I have plans for the YouTube channel. Which I hope will blossom into reality over the course of 2017. I’m going to be cagey about it for now, but in brief I want to do more and better videos. Absolutely first on the list is finishing the damned Paths of Glory series so I can move on to something else.

Games to Learn

One motivation for doing videos is teaching — for the viewer, obviously, but also for me. Making a How to Wargame series is an instructional process on both sides; at the end hopefully both of us pretty much know how to play the game. In the case of Paths of Glory, I rather outpaced the videos, which I think is one issue that’s kept me from finishing. (There were also technical problems, however.)

As a learner of wargames I want to focus fairly narrowly in 2017; I want to continue to learn the rules of GOSS and the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series, and get started digging into Great Battles of History. I’d also like to keep going with OCS and the GMT East Front Series. All told this ought to keep me more than busy even with just the material I have in my wargame library already.


Of course, I plan to grow that wargame library in 2017. I’m trying to be very, very selective… but even so there’s some whole new games that will be landing this year in addition to the existing series that I’m looking to fill out. At this point I am probably most excited about the standalone Holland ’44 and the GCotACW title Atlanta is Ours. I also have the reprint of Unconditional Surrender preordered.

To Be Played

All this is moot unless I get games to the table, of course. And thankfully I have some managable stuff that I should be able to play versus live opponents. But I also have some bigger things that I intend to tackle solitaire, including but not limited to three or four dedicated solitaire titles.


Winterfest 2017 is just weeks away… but due to time and money constraints, I may or may not actually go. Even so, I will definitely attend Origins, where I will again try to get in as much wargaming as I can. And I’m very excited about the War Room at Buckeye Game Fest, now that I have one of those under my belt and can plan something meaty.


2 responses to “Wargaming in 2017

  1. Looking forward to your plans for the YouTube channel. As someone relatively new to wargaming, I’ve really enjoyed your videos. I recently acquired a copy of Paths of Glory, so I would definitely love to see you complete that series. 🙂