Winterfest 2018 Report

Here’s a pile of pictures and commentary from Winterfest 2018. This was the 21st year of the event but my first in attendance. I had a magnificent time and definitely plan to attend next year.


Winterfest is a tiny event — this year it drew less than 30 — but for committed board wargamers it feels like a much larger affair. There’s usually a couple of big monster games at the center but a ton of smaller games, some of which are monsters themselves.


There was also an enormous miniatures game, which ran twice in the day it was set up. I gather there is sometimes minis and sometimes not.


I got to play Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg, OCS Sicily II, GMT’s The Napoleonic Wars, Clash of Arms’ Close Action and a double-blind game of the classic Flat Top, which was a ton of fun.


My personal acquisitions were GMT’s A World at War, Columbia’s Julius Caesar and The Gamers’ Black Wednesday from the idle TCS series. This is, nevertheless, not a shoppers’ event — there are no dealers and it’s pretty much all gameplay, but some stuff inevitably changes hands privately.


As someone who (relatively) recently got back to board wargaming and has been looking at events for the past few years, I have to say that Winterfest was the best wargaming event experience I’ve had. Short of going to the CSW Expo in Tempe, it’s hard to think I could find a better one.

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