Vanguard Forever Podcast, Episode 02

MMOAxis, Ardwulf’s Lair and Vanguard Forever finally bring you the long-awaited Vanguard Forever Podcast episode 2, hosted by Ardwulf and Quert. The direct download link is HERE, and the show will be available on iTunes shortly.

Show Notes

The delay in releasing this episode, recorded weeks ago, is all Ardwulf’s fault; that you now have it in your grubby paws is thanks to Quert, who finally took over the editing and knocked the thing out in a couple of marathon sessions. Enjoy!

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Enter The New Eden Chronicles

Scheduling issues delayed it, controversy dogged it, and technical glitches nearly derailed it… but the first episode of The New Eden Chronicles is finally available, starring His Dominance CrazyKinux, Maeve Trinity, Memoocan and myself. The direct link to the feed is HERE and it’ll be available on iTunes… well, whenever iTunes gets around to it, which may be anywhere from a day to a week.

The show was a blast to record, and three finer co-hosts I could not name. It was a bitch to edit, a task I foolishly volunteered for, but I think the end result was worth it. Give it a listen, and subscribe!

Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast Available on iTunes

The Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast (with one episode available so far,) is at last available on iTunes. Ardwulf Unplugged was up within the hour, so I’m not really sure why it took so long this time around, although I suspect it’s host-related. The direct link to the iTunes store listing is HERE – I encourage folks to subscribe.

To recap the show format, it’s short and news-focused, and will typically a news rundown (with relevant links in the show notes,) along with one or more commentary segments that may or may not be categorized as rants. Target runtime will be 20-30 minutes.

Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast Episode 00

After a long and unwanted break, I’m back in the podcasting arena, with episode zero of a new show, the Ardwulf’s Lair Podcast. This is a test show to feel out the new hosting and technology – offhand, I think the sound quality is fairly lousy – it’s something I’ll have to work on. But there’s some actual content there as well, not just me talking about how I’m podcasting again. Mature language is included, so be warned.

The podcast page is HERE. The direct link to the feed is HERE. The show should also be available via iTunes in short order.

Show Notes

  • Brief Introduction and my intentions for the show.
  • Obligatory link to Shut Up, We’re Talking, which I mention in the show.
  • Rant/Commentary about World of Darkness Online and the permadeath fracas
  • Music by InspiredBM, Recycler and Fractals. I’m probably sticking with this mix for the time being.
  • Running Time: 11:16

For those who’ve asked, by the way, Podbean is the new host. We’ll see how this works out.

Podcasting Issues

Huh. I have a podcast recorded pending final editing, but I just found out that GCast, who I was hosting through, is no longer accepting uploads.

Anybody have an alternate podcast hosting site that’s free?

Schedule Delays and Surprise Bargains

Well, it looks like I won’t be doing a show this week after all, and am back to my original plan of doing one next week. On the plus side, the next one may be on the long side, as I’ll have tons to talk about.

Along with the gift-giving holidays every year comes the inevitable ugly-ass stuff that I wouldn’t wear to a bris. This year’s haberdasherery abomination came from Old Navy, where I typically can’t find much to replace the original unfortunate gift, me not being either 19 or the weight I was when I was 19. Usually, the only saving grace of the place is their plain t-shirts, which are cheaply made and which fall apart within 6 months, but which are extremely comfortable. In addition to this, I find their TV commercials exceptionally obnoxious.

This year the thankless trip to Old Navy was a surpise. While waiting in line, I noticed a little in-store kiosk selling Rock Band titles. Shockingly, at the same prices I find at Best Buy. So instead of a disposable shirt, I picked up Rock Band 2 for $20. This was made of win.

The astute reader will recall that I already have a full set of Rock Band instruments from the PS2, and they’re supposed to be fully compatible with the PS3, which has borne out so far (I haven’t tried the drums yet.) I can’t wait to get the PS3 online so I can start downloading stuff; mostly Rock Band stuff, but also the DLC for Dragon Age.

I strongly suspect this latter title is a better experience on the PC. But with my PC down I don’t have that option, and on the PS3 it’s still an awesome game.

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