What’s Playing… and What’s Up Next!

As things have evolved over the last few weeks I’ve been making adjustments to my plans for the blog and the channel. I have been reliably posting a new video every day in my Dragon Age: Origins playthrough; additional series will follow the same posting schedule. Meaning that each series will get a new video each day on the YouTube channel.

But I’m not going to try to do a blog post for every vid. That would be doable for a single series, but I plan to have two or three running at any given time, and that makes it impractical. And, to be honest, the <Dragon Age games in particular are involved enough that to do them justice I feel like I’d basically need to write them up as novels, and that’s not going to happen. So I’m going to do a weekly recap post for each series instead, with videos embedded. The first of these should appear around the weekend.

The Dragon Age game is going splendidly, as long as you don’t mind me watching me bungle my way through its sprawling storyline. There are 26 episodes up already and plenty more on the way. After fiddling with each of its two sequels, however, I’ve decided to hold off on them for now in favor of playing them in order. So Origins will be followed by its expansion Awakening, then by Dragon Age II and finishing up with Inquisition, with decisions imported along the way. In order to get this moving I may speed up the pace of posting, but I don’t think it’s going to take me anything like the reported 80 hours to play through the first game. I have no doubt that one could put that amount of time into a single playthrough, especially with the DLC, but while I’m doing side quests I’m not trying to be exhaustive about it. If anything I may dither longest in the roomier Inquisition.

Early next week you will also see a new series. It was my thought to do a Mass Effect 1-3 megaplay along the same lines, but I figure that a single months-long multi-game replay is all I’d like to be doing at any given time, and at this point I am fully committed to Dragon Age. So I’ve chosen (by request!) a much more digestible title: Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. This will be the first of their game that I’ve played, so it should be illuminating.

Once the giant Dragon Age project is complete, Mass Effect is back on the table, but my current thinking is that I’m more likely to do something standalone, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution or the first Assassin’s Creed. The Wolf Among Us should only take maybe two weeks to finish; after that you are likely to see something from Paradox: Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV or Hearts of Iron III.

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What’s Next

The Ardwulf clan bought me a shiny new copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition for Christmas, and I’ve spent about an hour playing it so far. Coming directly from Dragon Age: Origins it’s a significant shift; the controls are just different enough to create confusion in the easily confused (i.e. me.) But it has jumping, which I appreciate.

From the various holiday sales I also acquired Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3, so there may be LPs of those coming. I’ve fooled about a bit with DAII so far and like it quite a bit. I would also like to pick up Banner Saga if it comes up for a Daily Deal on Steam before the sale ends; otherwise I don’t have quite enough in my Steam wallet to afford it. I’d also like to grab the latest Crusader Kings II expansion, Way of Life,” which is new enough that it almost certainly will not be discounted.

The Dragon Age: Origins will continue, of course. The candidates for the next Let’s Play that are already in my library are:

  • Crusader Kings II, up through the Charlemagne expansion.
  • Dragon Age; Inquisition, if I can get the fucking video to come out.
  • Europa Universalis IV, with all expansions enabled.
  • Mass Effect Trilogy, a mega-LP of all three games with the same Commander Shepard.
  • If you have an opinion on which of these you would like to see, speak up in the comments!

    Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins 14 – Cursed Magic

    In Episode 14 of our Dragon Age: Origins Let’s Play, we continue ascending the Circle Tower. On the Circle Tower. Nearing the summit, we encounter our old friend, the Sloth Demon, who sends us back into the Fade.

    Stay tuned for episode 15, due tomorrow!

    Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 13 – Climbing the Tower

    Merry Christmas! Today we have Episode 13 of our Dragon Age: Origins Let’s Play, in which we venture onto the third floor of the Circle Tower, continuing to clear the various Darkspawn, Blood Magi and abominations from the place.

    Stay tuned in for Episode 13, up tomorrow!

    Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 12 – The Tower Under Siege

    In Episode 12 of our Dragon Age: Origins Let’s Play, we continue clearing out the Circle Tower. We hear of an unfamiliar Mage, Niall, who may have played a part in unleashing demons, blood magic and abominations upon the Tower. One the second level we encounter a pack of Blood Magi, who we defeat. I elect not to show mercy to the lone survivor.

    We encounter a powerful Revenant that costs us a large portion of our potion supply to defeat. From First Enchanter Irving’s quarters we recover the Black Grimoire, which we will later gift to Morrigan as part of her character quest line.

    There is a lot of DA:O left to play, so this is a game I’ll be sticking with for the time being. But you’ll see the next one before too long; very early in the new year I plan to start a second concurrent playthrough, but exactly what that will be depends on a couple of different things. I may have something to say about that by the end of the week.

    Stay tuned in for Episode 13, due tomorrow!

    Ardwulf Plays: Dragon Age Origins Episode 11 – Trouble on the Docks

    In Episode 11 of our Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, we travel to the Tower of the Magi, to gain their aid against Loghain and the Blight. On the docks on Lake Calenhad, we learn that there is trouble in the Tower.

    After talking our way into the Tower, we find that the Magi have been compromised. Demons and abominations have taken control, and the Templars control only part of the first floor. Seeing no other alternative, Knight-Commander Gregoir has called for the Rite of Annulment, which will eradicate everyting in the tower, Magi and demons alike. It’s not completely clear whether this is a ritual or a mere decree of some kind.

    Wishing the Magi’s support in the crusade against the Blight, we agree to clear out the tower and salvage the situation. But the doors will be sealed behind us, with no escape until we fail or succeed. After seeing the quartermaster to clear space in our inventory, we venture inside.

    Within, we find a group of Magi and your apprentices holding out, including Wynne, a senior Mage who was at Ostagar but who survived the slaughter. She will (must, in fact,) join us for the remainder of our work in the Tower, destroying the abominations and saving the First Enchanter.

    With this episode we begin the main, branching part of the Dragon Age: Origins story. In principle we can do eacxh of the four paths in any order, but it turns out that they aren’t really tuned that way; the Magi questline in generally held (so I’ve read) to be the one you want to do first, since it’s alleged to be the easiest (but perhaps the longest, as you’ll see,) and it unlocks Wynne, the only healer companion, as a party member. Plus, my character is a Mage, so it seemed appropriate to do their questline first.

    Stay tuned in for Episode 12, due tomorrow!