Time is Short, but the Years are Long

Some readers of this blog may know that I both work and go to school. Neither of which I talk about very much here. I have mentioned how little free time I have with some frequency. Well, to make a very long story short, due to circumstances beyond my control, I should graduate a full semester ahead of schedule. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, I’ll get to start to normalize my life again about five months sooner. On the other, I have quite a heavy load this semester and may go insane before Christmas.

It’s probably safe to say that come next year I will get to blog more. The problem, though, hasn’t been time to blog, but time to play. That should also be fixed by the time I graduate. I may also have some thoughts about the closure of Vanguard, which has had me fairly down on MMOs in general of late.

Right now I’m playing a little ArcheAge. I like it. I may have more throughts about it at some point. Come next year I will likely try to settle down with something, and ArcheAge is looking like a good candidate.

ArcheAge, Land of Promise

I have been keeping an eye on the Korean MMORPG ArcheAge for a good while now. Its chief archtiect is Jake Song, former developer of Lineage. With ArcheAge‘s emphasis on its virtual world, though, and on providing its players a plethora of play directions, it appears to be a game with a lot of promise.

On the one hand, I tend to dislike Asian MMORPGs. I disliked Lineage in particular. On the other hand, ArcheAge looks like it pushes a lot of the same buttons as Vanguard, as Chris over at Game by Night has recently pointed out, and as I myself observed a while back over at MMORPG.com. A lot depends on the quality of its localization.

Thankfully, after languishing for quite a long time, the North American distributor turns out to be the respectable Trion Worlds, makers of the uninspired but very competent Rift. I think that the game will be in good hands here. Even Trion’s F2P practices are pretty fair and acceptable as far as I can tell.

Here’s a video of some gameplay, and there are more to be found on Jewel’s channel. I myself would like to try it out, but I’m afraid the Founder’s Packs, which grant alpha or beta access, are not in my budget at this time. So I’ll have to wait for open beta or launch.

That’s kind of a blessing, in a way. The game’s been out in Korea for over a year, and Trion needs more time to finish up its localization, so one would hope for a pretty polished experience once the game does formally launch. Of course, I have been wrong once before in a similar situation. So as always I’m hoping for the best but am prepared for the worst. Meanwhile I’m going to keep watching video on it.

Latest ArcheAge Trailer Dazzles

The latest ArcheAge trailer, this one from Chinese distributor Tencent Games (and courtesy Massively,) is really stunning. While there are many, many questions around how good ArcheAge will be, there’s no question that it Looks impressive as all hell.

ArcheAge’s North American release plans remain murky, but it seems certain that it will not be releasing for us westerners any time soon.

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ArcheAge: Fresh?

If this game even remotely lives up to the potential displayed in this video, it’ll be worth keeping a wide eye on.

Yeah, it’s Korean, and I’m not a fan. It will probably be free to play, which’ll leave open the possibility of a predatory cash shop. And judging from the care taken with the video, it’ll have lots of Engrish in it.

Plus, I think the character models look like they don’t fit the world very well. Whereas the latter has a distinct and gorgeous look going on, the former look like they could have been imported from any of a half dozen other Korean games.

But still… check out the video and tell me it doesn’t at least sound exciting.

PLUS: What the fuck did YouTube do with their embed code?
UPDATE: Ah, they’ve hidden it behind the Share button.