A Hint of Custom Ship Colors in EVE?

The video embedded below is about two months old now, and is part of CCP’s promotion for the Inferno expansion, parts of which have been live for a month or so. It’s the kind of graphical improvement that CCP has been doing for some time; in this example the Angel (and NPC faction) ships are being reskinned. The video’s only about a minute long, so have a look in HD:

Now, the new look is an improvement, but it’s not as through anything in EVE really looks shabby anyway. So yay, but not something to get terribly excited about. But here’s the interesting thing: the new skin includes both some kind of space camouflage pattern (the idea of which is weird, but it looks nice here,) as well as the logo of the Angel faction. Is this the first concrete inkling that we’ve seen of corp logos for player ships? And maybe the first glimpse of the technology to allow player ships to have custom paint jobs, a feature long said to be in the works?