The Disciples Against the Undead

Tonight the Disciples of Tharizdun ventured into Delera’s Tomb, a premium adventure pack with 9 adventures and a shared outdoor zone, which as far as I know doesn’t contain any encounters – although I’m told it did earlier in DDO’s history. I found this interesting, since I’ve been thinking about what it’ll take to make the long-promised Druid work in this game, and that list includes more outdoor encounter areas.

The main arc of the adventure pack consists of five quests, of which one is just a placeholder that makes you go talk to the questgiver. We finished all of these and are talking about running them again on Elite next week. The selection of final rewards is very good and the XP gain from the whole thing was excellent – I gained a full two ranks from running them, along with a bunch of favor.

Virtually all of the enemies over the whole sequence are undead, and many of them are incorporeal undead. Basically what this means is that you have a flat 50% chance to miss them using any ordinary weapon, even ordinary magical ones. Only so-called “Ghost Touch” weapons don’t suffer from this. Thankfully, during an off-night run at the Caverns of Korromar last week I picked up a +2 Ghost Touch mace which saw heavy use tonight.

Everything went smoothly except on the last run, where most of the group wiped when we all rushed down a trapped hallway. Traps on Hard hurt, but this was really just sloppy play on our part. The other quests in the sequence we’ll try to get to at some point. One of them is level 11, so that will no doubt wait a little while.

Caverns of Korromar, by the way, was tortuously difficult on Hard, but it was well worth it, firstly because of the end rewards, which are very good, but also because the final boss is a beholder. It was a very cool D&D moment, seeing one in-game for the first time.