EVE Fanfest 2011 Site Live

For those able to make the trip to far-off Iceland, home of Vikings and fermented shark, the site for EVE Fanfest is now live. The dates are March 24-26 in frosty Reykjavík, and the price is $99 for the show.

Me, I shan’t be going. But I’ll be keeping a close ear to the ground, because there’s a whole lot of stuff we could potentially see news on. Not just Incarna, which will probably launch in that neighborhood, but of Dust 514 and World of Darkness Online as well. About the latter I expect to get at least a little more news and details, but probably not much; for Dust 514, though, I suspect we’ll get a release date. My guess would be late 2011.

For those interested in going, check back on the site; reservations will likely be available fairly soon. For those who are definitely going… well, I hear the parties are insane.