New on the EALouse Front…

The absolute best take on the EALouse pseudo-scandal can be found HERE. I was going to link to the original, but it’s apparently been hacked.

UPDATE: Unhacked, apparently. Either that was the world’s most inept hacker or a scheme orchestrated by EALouse himself to make his “enemies” look bad. If he posts a back-scratcher, I guess we’ll know.

P.S.: The whole affair, along with the comments as well as associated reading of stuff like EA Spouse, and the history of this kind of thing coming up repeatedly with many companies, makes me again ask the question: what kind of freaking lunatic would want to work in the gaming industry?


Disgruntled e-Mythic Staffer Hates On SWTOR

A soon-to-be ex-employee of Mythic has started a blog talking (ostensibly) about why Warhammer failed and why SWTOR will suck. It’s interesting reading, although I’d take it with a grain of salt, and a couple of the points made are outright laughable, like there being no marketing campaign behind Warhammer. Maybe there wasn’t, as such, but the buzz around that game leading up to launch was immense, and initial box sales were huge.

Also interesting is the claim that Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online have more subs right now than Warhammer. I find that hard to believe, and Xfire’s numbers back me up. Maybe there are whole brigades of people still playing those old games faithfully on PCs too old to run Xfire or something.

The comments are equally interesting.

EDIT: Forgot to add the link. Dur.