This Week in Ardwulf Presents: Guild Wars 2 and Vanguard

This was kind of a rotten week for me as far as getting videos done, but nevertheless I have no less than three new episodes of Ardwulf Presents to show off this week. Enjoy!

First up we have one of two from this past weekend’s Guild Wars 2 beta event. We’re closing in on the end of the human starter zone at this point, and I take a look at Beetletun and the stuff to do there.

The next vid is the last of the GW2 content this time around, the very end of the Queensdale zone and the start of Kessex Hills, the Human 15-25 zone. I also offer up some concluding thoughts for this round of beta. This is likely to be the last of my GW2 “progression” videos, although I do still have some stuff I’d like to show off in future beta events.

Next up is one I’ve been sitting on for a couple of weeks and decided to upload along with the other two since I didn’t have any midweek vids this past week. It’s another return to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, for a look at the InfoMap UI Mod, pretty much the definitive Vanguard map mod.

Ardwulf Presents plans for the next two or three weeks include returns to Rift and Fallen Earth and the start of a new, dedicated show about EverQuest 2. So be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel and take in all the ongoing goodness.

Guild Wars 2 First Impressions Videos, Parts 3 & 4 plus Norn Character Creation

Here’s the last of the day one video (now numbered correctly,) parts 3 and 4 of the Human starter area and Queensdale, plus another video of character creation from the Norn Female side, to replace the failed Human character creation video. Enjoy!

There may be more video coming tomorrow.