More From Ardwulf Presents: Returns to Rift and Runes of Magic

Here’s a couple of late-week additions to the Ardwulf Presents stable, both follow-ups. The first offers my final thoughts as I wrap up a round of play in Rift. I went over most of this on the blog earlier in the week; praise for the game but also my reasons for not sticking with it.

The second is a quick revisit to Runes of Magic, where I take a quick spin around the brand-new Dwarf starter area that launched with the Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge update.

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Ardwulf Presents 10: Runes of Magic

This week (yeah, see below) we take a little look at Runes of Magic and the first ub/city in the game.

My original intention was for Ardwulf Presents to be a weekly show. This sounds reasonable from a “don’t overload myself” standpoint, but as it’s turned out these shows are easy to do, because they are off the cuff, unscripted and unedited, and generally not very long. So I’ve managed to get out 2-3 shows a week for the most part. I will probably keep that pace up for the next couple of weeks at least. Just so you know.