Game Hours Tracking

As a gamer, do you use one of the various tracking clients, and if so, how much attention do you pay to your numbers?

I’ve developed the somewhat anal-retentive habit of keeping track of hours played. Originally I did this using XFire, but when that got bought by gold selling scum I dropped it and switched to Raptr, which thoughtfully imported all my Xfire data. I don’t pretend that it’s completely accurate – Raptr, for example, does not report Vanguard, and I have never gotten it to successfully recognize Minecraft, either. And equally certainly, not all of my hours get reported even when Raptr happens to be running; it occasionally logs me out, for example, and sometimes numbers add up funnily.

Still, those numbers are interesting to look at. According to Raptr, I’ve played more World of Warcraft than anything else. This is almost certainly true, but those hours were accumulated over a period in which I had a lot of time to play and seemingly reported every minute of it. I would say Team Fortress 2 is probably number 2 in actuality, but neither Steam never seemed to track my hours correctly at the time, and I haven’t played much of it since I started using Raptr.

Amusingly, Warhammer Online was #2 on the list for a long time, and at the height of my disgust with it I was sort of working to get it out of the top 5 by playing other games. Not in any organized way (or it would have happened quicker than it did,) but it was in the back of my mind. EverQuest II took over my #2 spot just recently. It’s now 40+ hours over EVE Online at #3 and likely to stay in that spot even when I return to EVE eventually. If you also count my tracked hours in EQ2X (14, which is a lot less than I actually spent playing it,) it’s still number 2.

Disgruntled e-Mythic Staffer Hates On SWTOR

A soon-to-be ex-employee of Mythic has started a blog talking (ostensibly) about why Warhammer failed and why SWTOR will suck. It’s interesting reading, although I’d take it with a grain of salt, and a couple of the points made are outright laughable, like there being no marketing campaign behind Warhammer. Maybe there wasn’t, as such, but the buzz around that game leading up to launch was immense, and initial box sales were huge.

Also interesting is the claim that Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online have more subs right now than Warhammer. I find that hard to believe, and Xfire’s numbers back me up. Maybe there are whole brigades of people still playing those old games faithfully on PCs too old to run Xfire or something.

The comments are equally interesting.

EDIT: Forgot to add the link. Dur.

Xfire Acquired by Shady Characters

News item HERE. I could comment, but you could predict pretty much exactly what I would say. If you’d care to also predict that I shall be uninstalling Xfire forthwith, you’d also be correct.