About Ardwulf’s Lair

Welcome to Ardwulf’s Lair, a blog about gaming and digressing occasionally into other topics.

Gary N. Mengle is a gaming lifer, whose parents unfortunately did not encourage him to become interested in more important fields like International Finance, Medicine or Poultry Science. He is still active in the tabletop roleplaying scene, with a number of trival writing credits in that field and elsewhere, notably contributing to a collectible card game magazine that was so bad it was shut down by the Secret Service as an imminent threat to national security. He began playing Dunegons & Dragons in 1981, advancing swiftly to other titles like Champions, Traveller and RuneQuest. In 2007 he finally built a decent gaming rig just in time for the prices on graphics cards to plummet the following week, and proceeded to spend his meager loose change on various and sundry titles. An opininated bigmouth, he naturally assumed that everyone else would just love to hear his thoughts on games and other topics about which he remains cheerfully ignorant.

Ardwulf is on Steam and Twitter, as Ardwulf.