Another Farewell

The second half of last week was less relentlessly horrid than the first half. I even found some time to get some gaming in.

Not MMO gaming, though – I find right now that I have virtually no desire to play anything to which I am currently subscribed (the SOE titles,) and even less desire to subscribe to something else. However, the somewhat promising Spellborn and Darkfall are on the horizon, and I have no illusions about eventually coming back – it’ll happen sooner or later, probably, I think, with EVE.

This of course means that I need to do something about the Unfettered Hand, the EQ2 guild that I was trying to get off the ground. I will probably pass control down to my current second-in-command; it’s not fair of me to retain control if I’m not putting some time into the game.

I did download the Mount and Blade demo and fooled with that for an hour or so – it’s reasonably interesting, although I doubt I’d spend much time in it. I have been playing a fair amount of Rock Band, which has the great virtue that Mrs. Ardwulf likes it too and is willing to play it.

We actually beat the game on medium difficulty, me playing guitar and Mrs. Ardwulf either on drums or singing – bearing in mind that this is somewhat easier to do in the PS2 version. By the end the only song that was really giving me serious trouble was “Enter Sandman”. A jump to hard difficulty ensued, and I’m still working on that – the additional fret track makes for a big jump in challenge level. I’m also playing drums on our second pass through the game, which I find pretty challenging.

I am also making some headway on my several tabletop projects. Nothing to really report yet on that, but it’s progress.


One response to “Another Farewell

  1. I never had much luck making the jump to Hard. I contemplated somehow “marking” the frets with little dots of nail polish or something so I could feel what button my fingers were on. I kept getting lost…

    A good challenge, but I prefer to just jam on Medium and feel like a rock star. 🙂