Ardwulf Update

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and I’m still off the MMO bandwagon. All existing subscriptions have expired, but I’ve still been getting some computer time, but maybe not as much as before.

Steam ran a special on Mount & Blade over the weekend. I had fooled a bit with the demo and felt that it was worth $7.50, so I bought it. It’s an interesting game, apparently rich with depth; I’m not sure how much of that I’ll get to see, but the mounted combat is itself very nifty, and the game gets you right into that. The world is dynamic, large and feels appropriately medieval – much more so than most games of this type manage to be. I may have more to report on the title later.

I would have been playing some Runes of Magic, but the damn thing takes so long to update that I haven’t had the chance – and I can’t download an update while playing something else, since the patcher has a bad habit of shifting into the primary window, dropping whatever I was doing into the background. This is annoying.

I’ve also been playing some Team Fortress 2, probably more than anything else; I put in maybe 3 hours over the weekend. I’m not a tremendous fan of shooters as a genre, although I now own a few carefully-selected titles, but TF2 I keep coming back to and forsee continuing to do so for years to come. One of these days I’ll pick up CounterStrike: Source, and that along with what I’ve already got will probably be sufficient for basically forever.

I am going to begin the process of arranging my study to accomodate Mrs. Ardwulf’s computer as well as mine. This is going to take some work, as the room is currently not set up in such a way as to fit another desk (in addition to being a giant mess,) so it’ll take some work, but my goal is to have it done by the end of next weekend. This should alleviate the much-discussed “Wife Aggro” to a certain extent, as well as making the space more suitable as a working environment.

2 responses to “Ardwulf Update

  1. I snagged Mount & Blade as well. I’m really enjoying the early phases of the game — we’ll see how things hold up later. (Click my name to read my post on it).

    And yeah, Runes of Magic’s update system is really, really annoying.

    Glad to see you blogging again!

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