The Sands of War

Here’s a neat video of the last three years of EVE territorial control maps. Thanks to Sweet Little Bad Girl for the heads-up. I recommend watching it in HD. It’s interesting to see the ebb and flow of control, mostly gradual but occasionally dramatic.


One response to “The Sands of War

  1. Yup, that was fascinating all right. Interesting to watch the Goons disappear from the SE as they took over the SW, then leave that area to now have a big chunk of the NW now. . . . . also interesting to watch Mostly Harmless get pushed out of the NE by Solar Fleet, who then ceded the area to Intrepid Crossing.

    And kinda sad to watch the CVA area splinter. I always liked the idea of an NRDS area of nullsec and intended to go there to see what it was like, but waited too long.

    And now I live in the NW myself and go on Goon ops all the time, even though I’m not a Goon myself.